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The Annual EAEPE Conference

Simudyne’s Head of Research Dr. Amir Sani is keynote speaker at the 31st Annual EAEPE Conference in Warsaw from 12-15 September.

The European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy organizes annual conferences in one of their member countries every year since 1989.

30 years ago, in June 1989, the Polish people had their first free elections leading to the first non-communist government in Central and Eastern Europe. In September 1989, the Berlin Wall, separating West Berlin and East Germany, fell. In the subsequent wave of enthusiasm, a new political economy of Europe took shape. A market economy was introduced and countries from Central and Eastern Europe applied for European Union membership and quickly (too quickly?) became members. A rosy picture was being painted, politically and economically.

In this call for papers we ask what enthusiasm remains for this European ideal now?

Chloe Hibbert