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Why use simulation

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Agent-based models for stress testing

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Simulation to explore contagion risk

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The Simudyne SDK

Simudyne is a secure simulation SDK built for enterprise.

Build massively scalable distributed virtual environments in Java or Scala and deploy effortlessly in a web console.

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  • ABM

    Best in class for agent based modelling

  • Distributable

    Distribute models without rewriting code

  • Secure

    Trusted by Tier 1 banks across the globe

  • Local or Cloud

    On premise or cloud so models are proprietary

  • Cloudera Certified

    The only simulation platform certified on Cloudera

  • Multi-paradigm

    Model every type of system

How it works

The three pillars of
enterprise simulation.


Design virtual environments by modelling people, businesses, governing bodies, and their behaviours.



Use easy Java commands to connect, distribute and scale models in a secure, enterprise-grade architecture.



Model millions of scenarios using our test console to accurately portray the effect of your decisions.



We are trusted by top financial institutions to tackle complex and previously unsolvable problems.

IFRS 9 Compliance

Seismic changes in accounting standards are set to turn our approach to provisioning on its head. Here's our solution to prepare you for the future.

XVA Calculation

How can we better price risk using today's technology? What mindset do you need to adopt? And how does this help you make accurate valuation adjustments?

Explore Contagion Risk

We consider examples which take contagion risk beyond the purely theoretical, and propose how we might capture causal relationships in complex adaptive systems.

Who We Are

Simudyne believes that computational simulation is the key to radically better decisions.

We founded Simudyne with the goal of improving decision making across both private and public sectors by leveraging advances in computational power and complexity science.

We believe that simulation is the bedrock for training both human and artificial intelligence. Simudyne trains intelligence in high-fidelity simulated environments to make better decisions.

Building the ultimate simulation platform requires the best simulation engineers, mathematicians, computer programming wizards and a lot of belief.

We are rapidly expanding, if you share our vision to make radically better decisions, apply or get in touch.

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Begin building virtual environments to make radically better decisions.

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