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Insights: how Barclays is predicting the future

Simudyne is featured in Barclays Insights.

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Barclays’ Group Chief Risk Officer, C.S. Venkatakrishnan, on the bank’s partnership with simulation company Simudyne – and how Barclays’ early adoption of agent-based modelling and artificial intelligence is helping create a “more robust and stable bank” for customers and clients.

Whether you’re increasing robustness in your business or seeking growth from it, using different methods to prepare for a ‘what if’ scenario is critical to businesses. With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning transforming the world of predictive models, real time simulation has become a reality.

That’s why Barclays is partnering with the innovative London-based simulation company Simudyne, whose agent based modelling (ABM) and artificial intelligence technology allow the rapid development of computer simulations that can scale massively using modern Cloud infrastructure. The partnership is improving our ability to analyse complex, non-linear risks faster and cheaper.

As part of our commitment to computational finance, ABM and our drive to help new fintechs evolve, we recently led a US $6m Series A funding round for Simudyne that allows their solution to scale and develop more accurate and diverse simulation capabilities for the financial services industry.

Chloe Hibbert