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Day in the life of a simulation technology start-up CEO – PitchBook

In this regular series, PitchBook speak to various players in the private equity and venture capital spaces—including startup founders, investors and noteworthy dealmakers—to see what daily life looks like for them.

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What led you to your current role?

After 9/11, I went to MIT and did mathematical modeling, focusing on counterinsurgency. I ended up spending a number of years as a contractor for various organizations such as the Department of Defense, Microsoft, the Bank of England, ExxonMobil and others. I soon realized that there was an opportunity to build a next-generation simulation platform that would help transform how people make decisions.

This ability to simulate our world to a sufficient level of detail that it would inform our decision-making deeply captured my imagination. So after 15 or so years of building these simulations with all this commercial software, I realized that I could do it better. Three years ago we built a minimum viable product and entered an accelerator program in 2017—that’s when it really took off.

Chloe Hibbert