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Amir Sani PhD joins Simudyne as Head of Research

13th November, 2018 – London: Simudyne today announced that Amir Sani has joined as Head of Research. He will lead Simudyne’s effort to uncover new insights for the financial markets and beyond. Simudyne’s platform helps banks and financial firms make the best possible decisions possible by understanding their environment.

Amir has a proven track record of providing elegant solutions to complex industry problems. He has experience linking disparate areas of theoretical research and practical application in machine learning and complexity science. He will direct Simudyne’s effort to harness the power of agent-based simulation models and machine learning with Simudyne’s powerful computational simulation engine, intelligent calibration and adaptive validation to simulate millions of what-if scenarios. He will also further the research and development of AI simulators that use learning agents and reactive environments.

Justin Lyon, CEO and Founder of Simudyne, said: “Agent-based modeling is increasingly being recognized as the most effective approach to understanding complexity. It has opened up a vast number of opportunities within financial markets. We are excited to have Amir working with us to directly apply his research to identify and augment our agent-based simulation capabilities. He will help our clients better solve their toughest business challenges.”

Amir will also continue to collaborate on academic research with Rama Cont, Professor of Mathematics at University of Oxford as well as researchers at the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies.

Chloe Hibbert